Dear Sir/Madaam

European Business Center are honored to invite to participate in the 36th edition of the National Farmaceutical Congress POLFARM, which will be held online on 22th september 2020 r. The leading theme of this edition is :

 New challanges, oportunities and threats for pharmaceutical sector”

As always, the Congress is held in autumn. All together with guest lecturers we would like to mention particularly important legal, regulatory and tax aspects. The aspects refer to the pharmaceutical industry operators. We hope guest experts and practitioners will focus among other things on the last legal changes within pharmaceutical industry and also on the matter how the recent pharmaceutical industry work (in terms of demographics, economics and regulation). Forgery directive related to health products safety should be addressed as well as quality issues of health products and pharmaceutical companies. We hope that substansive shape of conference will allow the guest Lecturers to talk about the most important recent challenges in 2020 for pharmaceutical companies and also to analyse other factors which decide on success and development of the best companies in the industry.


Krzysztof Karaś